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Gbonkolenken Descendants Foundation is nonprofit organization geared towards solidarity among Sierra Leoneans in the Diaspora and the Dutch society and helps promote development initiatives in Sierra Leone, especially for the chiefdom of Gbonkolenken.

The Gbonkolenken Chiefdom is located in the south of Tonkolili District in the northern province of Sierra Leone. The focal point is to mobilize resource for the establishment of sustainable projects in the area of Agriculture, health, education and small scale entrepreneurship for a sustainable step up in the living condition of the people in the chiefdom.

We believe in the power of solidarity to establish credible and sustainable projects in the Netherlands and in Sierra Leone




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Social Integration.

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Small Scale Entrepreneurship

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Health, Education, agriculture, small scale entrepreneurship and social integration.

The Gbonkolenken descendants’ foundation was form to work towards solidarity among sierra Leonean community in The Nederland and around Europe for a sustainable better future of the people of Sierra Leone.

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